Savant Supports Android Mobile Computer Devices

Zebra Android Devices

While many of our competitors are just now starting to move their dated WMS applications to newer Android platforms, Savant has been supporting Android mobile computer devices for several years.

In today’s mobile computer and handheld scanner market, Android has emerged as the clear OS of choice for both manufacturers and consumers. In the early stage of mobile computing, the devices were text based with limited graphics capabilities. As the market evolved and smart phones were developed, the technology shifted. Mobile computers and handhelds were powered by Windows Pocket PC and CE. However by 2020/21, Microsoft will end extended support of Windows Mobile and CE-embedded O/S. Mainstream support of Windows Mobile is already past and mainstream support of CE ends soon.

With the end of legacy text and Windows Mobile/CE platforms, solution providers are forced to find new platforms to develop their applications. During the past eight years, the popularity of Android has shifted the balance of power. Today Android has gained the lion’s share of the global smartphone market and can now be found on four in every five consumer handhelds.

As early as 2010, Savant’s development team began to build it’s supply chain applications to run across multiple device platforms including Android.

“Our initial strategy has been to support both the legacy Windows devices as well as the newer Android devices. With manufacturers like Zebra going all in on Android devices, we will continue to work with our partners to develop robust applications that take full advantage of the Android OS.” Chris Jackson, President at Savant Software.

Check out some of the latest Zebra devices running on Android:

  1. TC20
  2. TC70
  3. TC8000