Savant ADC Small Business Warehouse Management System
When a warehouse management system is too much, Savant ADC provides small and mid-market businesses with a scaled down version of Savant’s robust WMS solution.

Solution Highlights

Unlike most automated data collection (ADC) solutions that have evolved from technology integrators with often little or no industry expertise, Savant ADC was developed by supply chain professionals who have worked with global distribution and manufacturing companies in the design and implementation of small business warehouse management system automation.

Savant ADC decreases manual operations, eliminates paperwork and reduces operational costs by increasing the accuracy and speed of warehouse functions like receiving, putaway, inventory counts, inventory moves, picking and shipping. By improving operational efficiencies, Savant ADC enables your organization to gain a real competitive advantage.

For small and mid-market companies cost and time are serious concerns when implementing a new automated solution. Savant ADC has multiple pricing models to fit every budget. It is also easy to install, easy to configure and easy to use. Your warehouse staff will be up and running quickly with minimal disruption to your daily operations.

Affordable, Licensed-based Pricing Structure

Easily add more users as your company grows. 0% financing options available.

Easy to Install and Use

Individualized training and system deployment in less than two weeks!


Flexible system that can be configured based on your unique business processes

Scalable System with an Upgrade Path

Start with our ADC solution and add functionality to seamlessly evolve into a full featured warehouse management system as needs change.

Single Code Set

Eliminate rip and replace scenarios-simply enter in a new license key to upgrade to a full warehouse management system.

Hardware Agnostic

Works with mobile barcode scanning devices from Motorola, Honeywell, Intermec, Datalogic and many others.

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Role Based Security

Multi-Language Support

Customizable Menus, Toolbars and Grids with Sorting and Filtering

Integration into Savant’s Other Supply Chain Modules

Standard Interface to Many Leading ERP Systems

Supports Both Physical Inventories and Cycle Counts

Manage Inventory Movement

Receive Product

Inventory Adjustments

Directed Picking

Full Pallet and Item Picking

Pick to Pack