Savant GroSavvy Agriculture Management Software
GroSavvy agriculture management software provides food processors with a solution that combines grower and raw material tracking to Savant's Warehouse Management System.

Solution Highlights

The Savant agriculture management software is design to target food processors who deal directly with farmers. GroSavvy improves processing efficiency and reduces costs. With today’s growing concern for consumer safety and recall compliance, GroSavvy provides the quality assurance and inspection capabilities as well as lot traceability back to the farmer.

QC and Inspection Capabilities

Provides quality control and inspection capabilities that allows for sampling and production of Department of Agriculture certificates.

Grading Reports

Grading reports are included that allow calculation of payments to growers based on the grade of product received.

Track Movement of Received Goods

Uses the standard Savant WMS functionality to track movement of the received goods as they await processing/packaging.

Track Movement of Goods into Production

Tracks the movement of goods (by grower) into the production and/or packaging lines for lot traceability.

Track Production of Finished Goods

Tracks production/packaging of finished product and assigns lot numbers and/or expiration dates based on production rules.

Track Shipment of Finished Goods

Tracks shipments of finished product to customers including producing a Bill of Lading.

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Allows for Entry of Grower Contracts

Automatic Multi-Scale Interface

Grower Actual vs. Contract by Raw Material Item Code

QA Inspections by Date Range

Tracks Actual Weights Received vs. Contracted

Generates Detailed Receipts for Growers

Lot Traceability

Receipts by Date Range

Production by Date Range

Shipment by Date Range

Create Custom Labels for Pallets of Incoming and Finished Products