WMS for the Legal Cannabis Industry
Powered by Savant GroSavvy's Supply Chain Solution

Savant GroSavvy Cannabis Solution Overview

CannaConductor provides cannabis processors with a solution that combines producer and raw material tracking to SZL Warehouse Management System. The application is design to target cannabis processors who aspire to lead the industry in compliance and effective supply chain management. CannaConductor improves processing efficiency and reduces costs. Today’s growing concern for consumer safety and compliance paves the way for CannaConductor to provide the quality assurance, inspection capabilities, as well as ‘Seed-to-Sale’ tracking necessary for a state of the art cannabis processing facility.

Quality Control and Inspection Capabilities

Provides quality control and inspection capabilities allowing for sampling and acquisition of OLCC/ODA/OHA certificates/licenses.

SZL WMS Functionality

Uses standard SZL WMS functionality to track storage of intake as it awaits processing/packaging.

Grading Reports

Grading reports allow ease of calculation for payments to producers based on quality of product received.

Production Tracking

Tracks the movement of goods (by origin of plant and lot #) throughout production and/or packaging lines for vendor accountability and reduced internal liability.

Distributor Channel Tracking

Tracks shipments of finished product to retailers and wholesalers as well as generating a Bill of Lading.

Customer Tracking

Tracks shipments of finished product to customers including producing a Bill of Lading.

Finished Product Tracking

Tracks production/packaging of finished product and tags: processor’s business name, licensee number, UID and process lot number, product identity, date product was made, net weight or volume in both US and metric scale, suggested serving size and number of servings per container, concentration of THC and CBD, and lab test results.