Savant WMS Modules
Savant provides a variety of WMS modules designed to enhance your supply chain operations.

Solution Highlights

Savant developed a modular design so that customers could choose only the functionality that they needed today with the option of adding WMS modules as their business evolved into the future. Savant’s ancillary WMS modules integrate into Savant’s core products enhancing your company’s operations.

Container Tracking

The Container Tracking module works with the Receiving module to provide intransit information for containers arriving from overseas. It allows the purchasing department to group lines from various PO’s into containers based on information from the shipping entity. The warehouse receiving crew can then receive the goods from the container as a single unit, rather than having to split up the goods manually into multiple receipts by PO. Another feature is the ability to track the vessel, voyage, and various dates associated with the movement of the container from the time it ships to the time it is returned to the harbor as empty.


The Kitting/WIP module provides the ability to pick raw materials needed for Manufacturing Work Orders or components for Kit Assembly Orders. Additionally, it allows for receipt of Finished Goods for the Work Order or Assembly Order. Over-picking of parts is allowed, if needed, in order for warehouse workers to move product in an efficient manner. With this module it is possible to know which lot numbers of raw materials were consumed in the manufacture of the finished item which can be helpful for proper compliance track and traceability. Ability to create scrap transactions is also part of this module, as well as the return to stock of unused over-picked raw materials. Finally, an option is provided to scan specific component parts at various routing steps within the manufacturing process and to capture manufacturing time as well as quality control at each step.


The Savant Multi-Site module allows the Savant ADC and WMS products to manage inventory and warehouse functions at multiple distribution centers within the organization. It allows for setup of security by each site, so that a user can have different roles or access to each site if needed. It also allows for the ability to perform transfers between sites by either moving License Plates between 2 locations in 2 sites, or by picking and then receiving a Transfer Order. In-Transit locations are also made available when using the Multi-Site module so that inventory is tracked while the transfer is taking place.

Labor Management

The Labor Management module captures information about each worker, work area, and warehouse, and provides reports showing the productivity for the day as a percent of standard. This information enables managers/supervisors to identify low performing individuals and work areas so that their performance can be improved or the standard revised due to some previously unidentified problem. Combining this with other measures, such as accuracy and quality, will help provide a better overall picture of the warehouse performance.

Lot & Serial Tracking

Critical to many of today’s quality inventory control standards is the ability to accurately record and track lot and serial codes. The Savant Lot & Serial Tracking module tracks both lot and serial numbered products from manufacturing or receipt through shipping. The module provides the necessary foundation for quality control, product recalls, product security, warranty tracking, and product maintenance.


The Dashboard provides executives, warehouse managers and staff with a real-time, graphical view of their warehouse operations. With the Savant Dashboard, managers can quickly identify and resolve problems that are causing operational bottlenecks. The Dashboard can display real time snapshots of daily activities and up to 3 gauges and 2 graphs per screen.

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Packing & Box Build

The Packing module takes your shipping requirements to the next level. This module verifies products that have been picked for an order and tracks the shipping carton that each product is placed. Distribution companies that pick in totes and place product in shipping cartons or containers will find this module to be invaluable to their operations. The module also incorporates a unique box building matrix that helps the packer select the appropriate sized box or boxes for shipping.


The Savant RMA module allows the warehouse to receive and track returned products. Products can be dispositioned by the warehouse operator so that they can be inspected and then either moved back into good inventory, or adjusted out if damaged. Returned product can be put on hold, and/or received into specific bin locations separate from other receipts. Workflows can be created to control the types of information that is captured on a return, similar to the receiving workflow for purchase orders.

Truck Builder

The Savant Truck Builder module provides a review of all orders, route assignments and available trailer styles, and provides a recommended trailer assignment for each order and route. The application provides you with the information you need to efficiently process the entire trailer life-cycle; from determining the trailer style, route assignments, and dock assignments, to the picking sequencing and finally to the trailer loading process. Truck Builder includes several features that can help with Warehouse optimization, such as customizable dimensions, to help with any truck size and restriction; and Order Prioritization, making it easier to reduce unloading times during a trucking route with multiples stops. The solution helps increase the loading and unloading efficiency, eliminate loading dock clutter, and reduce wasted time and money.

Warehouse Vision

The Savant Warehouse Vision module (Slotting) integrates seamlessly into the Savant Warehouse Management System. The maintenance of a warehouse and its stocking strategy is one of the most difficult tasks confronting a facility today. In addition to maintaining inventory placement compatible with the inbound and outbound processes, it is also important to constantly strive for maximized cube utilization within the facility. Without proper warehouse management, a cycle of inefficiency is inevitable. Items become misplaced, wasting valuable warehouse cube space, and resulting in fewer or improper items in prime picking areas. This cycle, if left unchanged, will begin to have a direct impact on a facility’s inbound and outbound operations. The slotting module provides a systematic approach to the implementation and maintenance of a slotting strategy.

Wave Management

With features such as Workflow Management and Simulation Modeling, the Savant WMS Wave Management module will help you improve productivity and reduce labor costs by enabling your managers and supervisors to match the workforce to the workload, real-time, throughout the day. Easy to read display screens help the decision makers see when everything is flowing smoothly or if delays are being caused by improper manpower allocations to various zones.

Simulation Modeling

The Savant Simulation Modeling module enables the user to determine if the day could have been more productive. It allows the day’s real data to be used to develop “what if” scenarios to determine more information about the causes of delays in processing; like processing all one-line orders first or assigning them to one individual in a zone. Information obtained from this module will enable different strategies to be incorporated which will improve productivity, accuracy, and quality; or validate that the current strategies are working as expected.