Warehouse Management System Consulting Services
Savant's consulting services bridge the gap between warehouse management system automation and existing operations by providing expert consultants with diverse backgrounds who can review and assist in streamlining work flows to achieve optimal throughput and cost savings.

Savant Consulting Overview

No where are the challenges of growth and change more apparent than in the today’s distribution and manufacturing centers. Processes that worked well in the past are exhausting the capabilities of distribution centers in an economy with smaller orders, higher volumes, the need for instant gratification of delivery cycles, special services, e-commerce and shifting markets. This new environment requires companies to look for new and innovative ways to support their business objectives.

While many vendors simply sell a warehouse management system, Savant’s philosophy is to insure that our products and services work in harmony with all facets of your organization’s resources helping you to achieve your business goals. Our consulting staff will always view your organization as a system, where the actions of one group impact all other groups. Our experienced team incorporates the adage, “do it right the 1st time”, as a Core Business Value.

Project Management

When an IT project fails it can almost always be attributed to … poor project planning and management. Savant Software has developed a collection of tools and templates that assist the project team in identifying the goals and specific tasks of a project. Our proven methodology has enabled us to achieve enormous success in managing complex warehouse management system projects.


When you invest your company’s time and resources into a supply chain solution, you don’t want to see the project fall apart at the finish line. Nor do you want the cost of the project to dramatically escalate while the project milestones continually slide. So while choosing the right software is important, it is equally important to select a partner who can successfully implement the application on time and on budget. Savant has been successfully implementing ERP, WMS and related supply chain solutions since 1987. During this time Savant has developed and refined the implementation process combining best practices from a wide variety of sources including Fortune 100 companies, educational institutions and proven professionals.

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Savant Software provides a variety of consulting services designed to help you get the most out of your supply chain applications. With an extensive background of combined real world experience in the supply chain and practical knowledge from hundreds of application implementations, Savant’s consultants can help your organization optimize processes, reduce costs and increase customer service.


Your business is unique and maintaining a competitive advantage requires implementing solutions that can be adapted to those unique qualities. Unfortunately many of today’s ERP solutions force you to make compromises in order to fit the application. At Savant we recognize the importance of building a solution infrastructure that can be shaped to enhance your business’ unique needs. Our team of developers combine technical expertise with industry knowledge to create high quality solution to your specifications.