Enhance Savant's WMS Cart Picking with Robotic Carts
Enhance your warehouse performance and efficiency by using Fetch Robotics robot carts to move inventory.

Carts are a critical component in many of today’s warehouses. They are used to move inventory from one area of the warehouse to another. In a typical Savant cart picking scenario, pickers pull product from shelves, racks or bin locations and place them on mobile carts to fulfill sales orders. When the product has been picked, the warehouse worker manually pushes the cart from the picking area to a pack/ship area. But what if carts could be moved from one area to another … automatically?

Savant Software has partnered with Fetch Robotics and their CartConnect robots to dramatically enhance the movement of carts. After picking orders and placing them on the FetchCart, the cart is positioned at a “pick-up” station where a CartConnect robot is assigned to move the cart to the next area. When the FetchCart is unloaded, the next available CartConnect robot automatically moves the cart back into the picking zones. 

More then Pick Carts

CartConnect robots and FetchCarts can be used anywhere in the warehouse where inventory is moved from one area to another. Receiving and manufacturing are also ideal applications for utilizing robotics.

Reduction in Dwell Time

“Dwell time” is the amount of time inventory and product for orders sit on carts unmoving. CartConnect robots allow for continuous movement or incremental movement of of products.

Best In Class Safety

CartConnect is designed to work alongside people, forklifts, and other material handling equipment within busy warehouse environments. CartConnect robots feature a suite of technical safety features which allow them to navigate safely inside your facility. This includes 2D and 3D camera integration, dynamic obstacle avoidance, occlusion detection, turn-in-place functionality, and a floor-illuminating blue light.

Maximize Productivity with CartConnect

Customers deploying CartConnect have seen up to a 2X increase in lines per hour in as little as 2 weeks of operation. Contact Fetch Robotics to learn more about how CartConnect and our entire line of AMRs designed for automated material handling can help you exceed your KPIs and crush your productivity goals.