Savant Supports Multichannel Retailing

Acumatica ERP and Savant WMS were selected by Choice Brands Group (CBG) to power their multichannel (or omnichannel) retailing and distribution operations. CBG is one of the fastest growing equestrian retailers in the US. They utilize traditional brick and mortar stores, online catalogue and order placement, and traveling roadshows to meet the purchasing needs of their diverse channel.

“It is easy to sell products on all these different channels but the fees and the shipping cost and the return costs are off the charts and usually you don’t see the net result unless you have a very sophisticated system.”

John Moncada President/Chairman

Choice Brands Group


So, what is Multichannel Retailing?

Simply – multichannel retailing is a retailer using multiple methods to reach their customers allowing them to get information about the products they desire and then the ability to purchase those products. Customers who can order your products anytime and anywhere is the foundation of multichannel retailing. As an Acumatica ISV, Savant’s WMS applications integrate into Acumatica’s ERP to provide a comprehensive multichannel solution.


What Are The Benefits Of Multichannel Retailing?

Multichannel retailing is a marketing concept that is always evolving. The bottom line is that most companies these days are expected to give their customers a variety of ways to shop. Your customers want convenience with real time results.

Multichannel retailing offers the following benefits:

  • Flexibility for consumers when purchasing and paying for goods and services
  • More opportunities to build a brand among diverse audiences
  • Additional chances to solicit and use consumer testimonials
  • 24-hour access to customers to build brand loyalty
  • A greater degree of visibility among various demographics
  • Improved analytics to help understand consumer behaviors


For retailers looking to add new channels the process can be both intimidating and complex. Selecting and working with experienced vendors and consultants is critical to successfully expanding your retail efforts.

“We discussed our WMS needs with more than a dozen companies and we found EVERY program needed to be modified. Savant was the only company that had a robust solution with the ability to expand with our needs and does what our existing systems already did. Savant was also the only company in the small to mid-range size that is both affordable and robust enough to meet the changing demands of integrated software. Every person we interact with at Savant is high caliber and ready to solve our needs.”

 John Moncada President/Chairman

Choice Brands Group

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