Warehouse Management System Support Services

Savant provides comprehensive support for your warehouse management system.

Help Desk

Savant provides help desk support during normal business hours. After hours support is also available.

Video Training

Watch our video training guides to assist in the implementation and use of Savant’s warehouse management system solutions.

Support Portal

Savant customers have access to our support portal which allows you to enter and track support incidents.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of answers to common support related questions.

What are the main differences between the support plans?

All of Savant’s support plans provide service pack updates and access to the Savant portal. The differences between the plans are the number of support incidents allowed each year and priority access to support personnel.

Are custom support plans available?

Absolutely. Many of our customers unique support needs like multiple shifts or seasonal/special events. We can provide optional support plans to accommodate these unique support requirements.

What is the process for logging support incidents?

The best method is to go to our support portal and create a support ticket. Our help desk is notified immediately and can begin to assist you in resolving the incident. Optionally, you can contact our help desk directly via phone or e-mail.

What other support tools are available?

Besides our support portal and dedicated help desk staff, Savant provides detailed documentation and an expanding video training library.

We’re Here To Help

If you are an existing Savant customer, click the button to launch our support portal and enter a support ticket.