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Savant Warehouse Management Solutions

Maximize the Profitability of your Distribution Operations

Whether your organization is looking for an entry level (ADC) automated data collection system or an advanced (WMS) warehouse management system, Savant Software provides scalable supply chain solutions that grow as your business and operational requirements evolve. Our team of logistics professionals is skilled at working with customers to understand business processes, identify choke points, and implement our real-world solutions that will improve the profitability of your distribution operations. From our sales staff to our service consultants we use a proven customer methodology developed over the years that reduces sales cycles, minimizes risk, shortens implementation time, and ensures your business objectives are met.

That is why every day, leading companies in industries like wholesale distribution, consumer goods, food and beverage, automotive, and pharma/life sciences, rely on a Savant Software solution to optimize the efficiency of their supply chain.

"Sierra Nevada Brewing selected Savant Software in 2007 as our Supply Chain partner. During the past six years, Savant has accomplished numerous phased implementations and upgrades. As part of the recent expansion to Asheville NC, we reviewed our supply chain operations and chose Savant Software to continue providing the system and support,  including a Best Practices review and SOP recommendations for our joint operations.  Savant has proven to be a valuable partner in the past and will continue to be an important part of Sierra Nevada Brewing's future."  Bill Bales, CFO, Sierra Nevada Brewing.

Savant WMS
Cut costs, save money, be more efficient.

The Savant Warehouse Management System provides a total, comprehensive solution for your warehouse environment. The Savant WMS supports the latest automation in warehouse and supply chain management including; cross-docking, directed put-aways, replenishment of forward picking locations.

Savant ADC
Improve your operational efficiency with ADC.

When a warehouse management system is too much, Savant ADC provides small and mid-market companies with a scaled down version of our robust WMS solution. Decrease manual operations, eliminate paperwork and reduce operational costs by increasing the accuracy and speed of warehouse functions like receiving, putaway, inventory counts, inventory moves, picking and shipping.

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