Cascade Sports



January 18, 2016




Savant Lite


• The quick implementation time lowered the overall cost of the project.

• Within a week of Go-Live, the staff was using the solution with confidence.

• The Savant solution resolved all of Cascade’s needs and improved overall warehouse performance.

• The Savant solution eliminated tribal knowledge which enabled Cascade to add seasonal staff who could learn the system quickly.

• Cascade gained about 30% more space utilization.

When I started out reviewing our company’s need for a WMS system I felt completely overwhelmed as I wasn’t confident I could find a solution that could meet our needs and budget constraints. Soon after reviewing Savant ADC’s Cloud offer and working with their team I was pleasantly surprised at the feature richness of their cost effective ADC solution. Growing into a system was our main objective, there are many choices in the market with regards to “barcode” or “Inventory” solutions, Savant gives us the comfort to start off right where we need then grow over time into the full-blown WMS system.
Dave Christopher, President, Cascade Sports.

About Cascade Sports

Cascade Sports, founded in 1986, is a leader in the design, development and manufacturing of sports helmets and accessories. Based in Liverpool, N.Y., Cascade is a part of the publicly traded Performance Sports Group company.


  • Cascade built its brand on quick turn-around times for custom products. Their goal is to ship within 24 to 48 hours after custom order receipt. This requires keeping a lot of raw materials in inventory with minimal finished goods. Cascade required a solution to locate raw materials quickly, track inventory throughout the manufacturing process, and expedite packing and shipping.
  • Cascade’s business is seasonal which puts a greater burden on fulfillment for each sport’s season.
  • The seasonality meant Cascade had to readjusting their warehouse so that they could locate inventory quicker. The solution would better track inventory so that Cascade wouldn’t have to keep readjusting the warehouse for each sport’s season.
  • Lack of IT support. They needed a solution that could be implemented and maintained with minimal IT involvement.
  • Cascade had a limited budget.