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Savant PRO


• Cut picking time by 75%.

• QC/Shipping time is estimated to be reduced by 50%.

More than a decade ago, The Foland Group needed a Dynamics GP WMS to power their distribution center. They selected the Savant WMS. The Foland Group is comprised of five distinct merchandising divisions uniquely positioned to capitalize on strong international growth trends in location based entertainment, specialty retailing and mass merchandising. As with all companies, continued growth is paramount and over the years Foland has increased sales while maintaining the same warehouse size and personnel. To keep operational costs down, Foland and Savant have strategy meetings each quarter with the goal of adding new modules or functionality to improve productivity and adapt to Foland’s changing market.

To improve their Dynamics GP WMS environment, Savant implemented Batch Picking in Foland’s highest volume case-pick zone. Almost immediately, it was apparent that this move will cut their picking time by 75% in this area, freeing up staff to work in the each-pick zones. With a goal of continual improvement, Foland and Savant are already working on the next project which includes streamlining the QC/Shipping process for full case picks. It is estimated that we will be able to reduce this process time by 50%.

The relationship we have with The Foland Group showcases our driving passion. We believe that a software solution requires a long term partnership and commitment to the success of your business. Unlike many software providers who sell, implement and move on, Savant values your strategic long-term supply chain goals and wants to work with you to achieve them.

About Foland

The Foland Group’s success is based on a simple formula: build sales by building lasting customer relationships. Foland personnel work closely together to attend to all the critical details that insure trust, commitment, and satisfaction among our customers. A high level of product quality, personal service, and professional integrity differentiates The Foland Group from its competitors. Key Foland Group personnel bring a wealth of experience in the merchandising, importing, retailing, entertainment, and consumer goods industries, with management and top executive backgrounds from such companies as Disney and other top international companies.